• treasure island_ highlight

    Treasure Island

    Abstract landscapes changing over time by objects that come and go. Experience the delicate sensation of shaping and capturing traces in time. Everyday compositions emerge, until a reset handle wipes the slate clean and allows a fresh start.
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    Urban flow

    The movement patterns of people and the patterns of spontaneous growth of plants show a remarkable resemblance. For both, their expansion and flow are subjected to urban space and planning, with the architecture acting like a vessel for people and plants to move through.
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  • mortier_feat

    Le Pilon

    An alternative mortar (vessel & pestle) to be used for crushing spices and cooking ingredients. Products can be grinded and mixed. Made of two pieces, it can be used with either both hands or with one hand by turning and holding the base on the table.
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  • cocon_feat

    Cluster Cocoon

    The Cluster Cocoon has potential as an appealing product for children and parents. The playfulness of spaces within spaces and the possibilities of creating multiple variations within these spaces, routings and compositions by children stimulates creativity with this natural organic looking cluster.
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  • slider3_4

    Flow Lloyd

    The Lloyds Hotel stands as an architectural statue in its surroundings, solid and isolated. At the same time it is culturally, economicatlly and socially integrated with the environment.
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  • brick_feature


    With one concrete brick (23cm x 35cm) 17 different variations of walls can be composed. Each of the walls have a unique motif and offer different qualities by the organization of their openings and play of light and shadow.
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